PT. Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap

SERD started its civil construction in early January 2013 and completed ± 42 km of its access road. In 2015 SERD has completed 6 explorations drilling wells: RD-B1, RD-B2, RD-C1, RD-I1, RD-I2, RD-C2, and in 2016 completed the Feasibility Study confirming 92 MW (gross) proven reserve capacity. After successfully reaching financial close in 2018, SERD has started the development phase activities. Despite of the remoteness of the Project area and constructed in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, SERD is committed on the development of Geothermal Energy in Indonesia to support the Government of Indonesia achieving energy transition objective. It has been a long also challenging journey for the SERD project and Geothermal Power Plant of Rantau Dedap has finally reached Commercial Operation with capacity of 91.2 MW on 26 December 2021.

COD Rantau Dedap was launched during the IIGCE 2022 Opening Ceremony with the epigraph signing by Minister of Energy & Mineral Resource, Mr. Arifin Tasrif.